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Dudley (my sf3 character)

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유대리가 불타오르게 만든 SF3 에서 키워볼만한 캐릭터가 생겼다. SF2 에서의 Barlog 와 비슷한 복서인데, 단단하게 생긴 외모와 호쾌한 기술들이 마음에 든다. (아래는 간단한 소개글)

You could say that Dudley is Balrog’s successor, in a way, in the Street Fighter series. However, unlike the underground boxer from Las vegas, Dudley’s moves are performed with “command motions” rather than “charge motions”. He was born into a wealthy family in England, but after his father lost the family fortune, Dudley learned boxing in an attempt to re-accumulate his wealth. He is now quite well off, but continues to fight as a hobby. As a boxer, he has no kicking moves.

driving_punch 주력으로 사용하는 Machine-Gun-Blow (대시 & 소나기펀치) 기술인데 나름 잘먹히고 있다.



연습, 연습, 연습뿐이다~


Written by soyul's papa

8월 12, 2008 at 8:36 오전

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